NEW PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson Celebrates His Birthday Before Heading To Cannes

May 14th, 2009 // 11 Comments

Robert Pattinson stepped out on his 23rd birthday after a long 12 hours of filming inside the studio. Pattinson arrived at the Global Grill and Satay bar and was shortly followed by Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene and Jamie Bower amongst other cast members. They arrived around 9pm and left around 1am with Rob covering his face in the taxi as it sped off to his hotel for the evening.

Rob is expected to spend some time helping to shop a new film called Remember Me, directed by Allen Coulter and produced by Nick Osborne and Trevor Engelson.

The film will be presented to a number of buyers at the festival, along with three other titles from Summit Entertainment, which produced Twilight.

Shooting will begin this summer in New York. Pattinson will take a break from the shooting New Moon and Eclipse to make the picture. New Moon wraps shooting in May while Eclipse begins in August.

Thanks to RPattzNews for some great photos as well! Check out all of our Robert Pattinson coverage here!

Gallery Info: Robert Pattinson enjoying his 23rd birthday in Vancouver. (8 more photos added, beginning on page 4 of gallery.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Nicky

    No, not more Twilight.

  2. Jo Molly

    ok now who is in the cab with him????? isn’t he suppose to be going back to his hotel?????? these pics could be a lot better…

  3. Annie

    That’s rob’s dad in one of the pics. Same profile – he was on Ellen. K Stew – mom and dad in cab I’m guessing. Sounds even more cozy than cab footsie! Parents and gf at bday. Gossip sites can’t even get the story right – shame on you!

  4. Annie

    Photo #27 has his dad behind him. Mom’s face is blurry in the cab but you can see her blonde hair next to KStew. Chin is that of an older woman.

  5. skyelighter

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  6. Adrielly Lima

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