‘New Moon’ Volturi Pics Revealed

Five new photos of New Moon’s Volturi clan of vampires have been released. Dakota Fanning as Jane, angel-like face and she has the ability to torture people with illusions of pain. Cameron Bright as Alec, Jane’s twin brother Michael Sheen as Aro, leader of the Volturi. Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius, the most sadistic of the Volturi. Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus, the most detached of the Volturi.

Also, People has released new stills from the film as well. Director Chris Weitz tells People, “They’re all hand-painted, specially manufactured contacts. They’re opaque red, almost like preying mantis eyes. You can’t really see into them. There’s something terribly off-putting about it.”

“Stephenie [Meyer] was very keen to steer away from a kind of wizard-y look for the vampires,” says Weitz. “They do look quite young, but they convey a formality and self-possession, which comes from age.”

Perhaps most lethal of all the Volturi is Jane (Dakota Fanning), an angelic-looking vampire who inflicts physical torture on her victims. “She is very strange and very spooky in this movie,” says Weitz. “I think [Dakota] wanted to play an evil character for once.”

I’m actually very excited to see Dakota Fanning play evil. Almost as much as I’m excited as seeing Robert Pattinson shirtless.