‘New Moon’ Isn’t Just For Teens: Moms Love It Too

In its opening weekend, The Twilight Saga: New Moon took in a whopping $140.7 million since its Los Angeles premiere. And an article by USA Today confirms what we’ve already suspected–it’s not just lovesick tweens who bought tickets for the vampire love story. A love story, we seem hell bent on making into a reality between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Adult women–including mothers and grandmothers–have found themselves entranced by the books and consequently lined up at the movie theater. 35-year-old Stay-at-home mom, Lori Joffs tells the newspaper, “But as an adult who has faced reality, it’s escapism of a different kind, remembering those first twitches of falling in love and reliving it through Bella.”

Member of the University of Missouri’s communications department, Jennifer Stevens Aubrey, is studying the popularity of the Twilight franchise and tells USA Today, “Teens perceive Edward as an ideal romantic mate, despite being a vampire and rather controlling and what someone said is the likeliest candidate for a restraining order. He’s so into her. The adults compare him to their own partners, who obviously can’t match up.”

Meanwhile, we can’t help but wondering how the relationship is going in real life. KStew and RPattz certainly seem to be having a good time, but then again, they’re always so secretive.

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Robert Pattinson leaves the Megu Japanese restaurant in Manhattan after a late night dinner with Kristen Stewart (not pictured).