New Mom Jennifer Hudson Gushes Over Son

It’s hard to remember that Jennifer Hudson is a new mom, what with the singer keeping a fairly busy work schedule after delivering her baby boy, David Daniel Otunga Jr. on August 10.

However, Hudson recently took some time out to chat with People magazine about the newest addition to her family. Proud mama, Jennifer, boasts, “He’s the cutest thing in the world! There are no words for it. He’s the best. It’s just amazing–us discovering each other, me becoming a mom.”

Hudson–who is seen here at the Netflix Outdoor Concert–claims that her little one is already demonstrating musical talents. “The other night he was having a fit screaming, and someone turns on the music and he just stops and calms down…Sometimes when he cries, I try to harmonize!” What a coincidence, when I try to harmonize, I tend to make people cry.

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at the Netflix Outdoor Concert.