New Gender-Bending Reality Dating Series Set to Hit the U.S.

July 24th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Now this is one big, hot mess waiting to happen. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that part of me is so disturbed by the idea of this that I’m secretly dying to watch it. There’s a new reality dating series set to hit the U.S. and in the spirit of “Joe Millionaire,” the premise is to lead the contestants to believe something very different about the object of their collective affection and then hit them with the truth at the end of the show. Only this time, instead of finding out that Joe isn’t rich, it’s more along the lines of, “By the way, I have a penis.” Originally a UK series, the show was titled, “There’s Something about Miriam,” and contestants competed in the hopes of dating Miriam, a Mexican 21-year-old model, only to find out in the final episode that Miriam is, in fact, a man. Yikes. Lawyers, on your mark, get set…GO! I have a feeling this is just going to end up a violent, hate-crime filled suing fest with at least one slow-car police chase.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. This isn’t much different from the violence-inciting “surprise” episode of the Jenny Jones Show where someone ended up getting murdered. I hope this never makes it to the air.

  2. Darth Paul

    If it’s FOX, it’s sure to be a spectacle meant to dehumanize and humiliate the tranny. This is stupid idea.

  3. P

    WTF. I was never aware there was a UK version.

  4. KatieA

    It’s already been shown here in Australia. It’s actually pretty funny, but half the guys ended up suing the show to not let it air (so people couldn’t see them making out with a guy).

    I can’t believe you guys are just getting this show now – we had it on a couple of years ago. Usually Australia ends up with all the cast off shows from the US (we’re still getting the Mark Phillopousis “age of love” crap showing here…)

  5. S_M_G

    Oh no! Seriously how LOW can they sink? This is no joke and not funny.

  6. Loob

    Yeah, like KatieA above, I’m surprised they are showing this one so late. It’s at least 4 years old.
    Spoiler alert:

    all the guys are nasty pigs. Except the main protagonist, she’s nice.

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