New Evidence Of Angelina Jolie Pregnancy

We have no idea what Life & Style magazine’s evidence is, but I’m sure it will be breathtaking.

Life & Style brings you exclusive new evidence pointing to pregnancy for Angelina Jolie. When the actress returned to the set of The Good Shepherd in early December for a few days of reshoots after a two-month break, the crew immediately noticed a problem: The costumes no longer fit over Angie’s suspicious stomach bump. “Her body had changed so much,” an on-set insider tells Life & Style, “that her wardrobe had to be refitted to give her extra room in the tummy area. Several dresses had to be altered.”

Causing even more speculation: “Angelina nearly fainted several times and had to be taken off to the side to rest,” says the insider. “People on set were thinking, She’s obviously pregnant! All signs point to that.”

If it ain’t a photo of a sonogram, I’m not believing it.

In Life & Style now: Baby drama! [Life & Style]