New Book Has Katie Holmes All In A Tizzy

April 9th, 2007 // 15 Comments

Author, Lori Culwell, has recently come out with a satirical look at the entertainment industry entitled, “Hollywood Car Wash,” and Mrs. Tom Cruise is none too happy with the tome. And despite the fact that Culwell’s MySpace page claims that the main character does not intentionally mirror Katie and her life experiences, all of the characters and situations are, in fact, based on real people.

“Someone gave her a copy last weekend, and she’s been reading it non-stop ever since,” said one of the actress’ friends. “She’s already having problems with Tom, and now she feels like her private life has been exposed. She’s really upset.”

“Hollywood Car Wash” focuses on the rise of a young actress on a tv series who is forced to lose weight, takes drugs, is hounded by paparazzi, and gets into a contracted relationship. “Katie can’t believe the similarities,” said the source.

Ugh, I’m so jealous. I want to write a tell-all book that will upset people and get me a movie deal. The problem is that I have access to all kinds of secrets and information about people that no one cares about. My stupid friends and family need to hurry up and get famous. I have coattails to ride here, people.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Diane

    You are funny.

  2. peaches

    this could be any actress in Hollywood.

  3. peaches

    this could be any actress in Hollywood.

  4. Loob

    Hmm. While I do certainly think that Katie’s life is an embarrassing mess, and I hope she can escape the frightening contract I mean husband, and take the stunt baby with her,
    I suspect the book’s author just saw this as a way to get noticed immediately. Because who would have bothered with that stupid sounding book unless it had a real name implicated as well?
    Betcha Katie hasn’t even seen it.

  5. Karen

    I wonder if Katie will play the main character in the movie…..? LOL

  6. ebz

    ugh so w/e I mean her getting mad by all this just proves it’s all very true or damn close.

  7. Karen said:
    I wonder if Katie will play the main character in the movie…..?

    Doubt it Karen. They will probably look for someone with talent.

  8. al rarow

    “waaaaaah, i’m beginning to realize the farce that is my life, waaaaaaaaah.”

  9. Mardi

    Karen – not if there are any sex scenes in it! Tom’s keeping a close watch on her!!!

  10. Kristy

    Wait, so she takes drugs? Ummmmm-maaaaaaaaah.

  11. Serena

    “Someone gave her a copy last weekend, and she’s been reading it non-stop ever since…”

    Ummm… Been reading “non-stop” ever since LAST weekend and she’s still not done with the book???

    If this story is true, and the the friend is considered a “source”… the source is a moron for uttering that phrase, that or Katie is the slowest reader in history.

    As much as I would love to, I don’t buy this story at all.

  12. TheExpatriot

    If Katie can in fact read there is a slim chance she can get out of that sect.

  13. 6-9

    Serena you took the thoughts right out of my head, Katie must not be to bright if thiw “Friend” is telling the truth.

  14. Cat

    This rumor sounds like a giant publicity stunt on behalf of the book and the author. I wouldnt be surprised if the publishers made up this tidbit just to get people to pick up the book. I know its new, but i checked out to see if anyone had reviewed the book, to see if it was worth reading. No one has reviewed it as of yet, but and there is the same tidbit of information about katie holmes being pissed right on that page too. I bet Katie has never heard of the book, it doesnt resemble any part of her life, and doesnt give a shit about what the book says.

  15. I am reading the book now and I frickin love it! I don’t care who its about it a funny read… Devil Wears Prada meets Hollywood. I am all for it.

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