New York Fashion Week Is Here! Celebrate With 11 GIFs Of Models Tripping

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It is that time of year once again — New York Fashion Week is upon us!

We thought the perfect way to showcase the return of fashion week was through these gifs of every model’s nightmare — tripping or losing their balance while walking down the runway.

We wish all the ladies (and gents) good luck during their catwalks over the next week! Check out the gifs below!

Shoes can be frightening.

Yes they can.

They also must really take toll on a one’s ankles.

How does one really recover from a shoe debacle?

Another one bites the dust.

Then there is the hazard of the too tight dress.

From another angle.

Sometimes runways are just too darn slippery.

Keeping onc’s balance proves to be very difficult.

Some models are helpful on the runaway.

Lastly, why men and heels are a bad combo.