New Uncle Joe Jonas Grab Lunch & Continues His Tradition Of Making Weird Faces

Joe Jonas Opens Up
The Jonas Brother talks about virginity, drugs & more.
OK, so maybe Joe Jonas was just caught by the paparazzi at the wrong time, but doesn’t that just make these photos that much better?

The man who once owned one of history’s greatest mustaches was spotted in Los Angeles earlier today, enjoying a lunch with his friend, who–fun fact guys–is also making silly faces. It’s like they knew that’s all I wanted.

Also folks, some big congratulations are in order for Joe as he finally an uncle. 

Joe and the Jonas family seemed overjoyed this weekend as Kevin Jonas and his wife Daniellewelcomed their brand new baby girl. Joe Tweeted:

If you’re wondering about the life ending bit, that’s in reference to Joe’s grandfather, who very sadly passed away just before Baby Jonas’ birth.

I can’t wait to see Joe interacting with his niece. If it’s anything like this, it’ll be good. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the new uncle. He’s a cutie.