New Starbucks ‘Trenta’ Size Is Code For ‘Super Fat’

January 17th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Starbucks Corp is apparently ready to infringe upon the ‘Big Gulp’ thermos sized drinks by debuting a brand new, large size drink, the 31-ounce “Trenta.” That is code for ‘super fat,’ I think.

The new size, available by May 3, will be available only for iced coffee, iced tea and iced tea lemonade drinks. This new size is about 7 ounces larger than the current “Venti” size.

Can I just ask why anyone needs a fucking larger sized cup? I mean, really? Is it any wonder that this country is morbidly obese? Anytime I even order a Venti, I regret it and throw some of it out. And I thought Starbucks had the pretense of being ‘classy.’ They should already expect people to want their hot drinks in the larger size as well, because that’s inevitable that people won’t care what rules they put in place.

They allege that unsweetened drinks in the new size will have fewer than 90 calories and that sweetened versions will have less than 230 calories. As if people don’t doctor up those drinks.

The new size will debut in 14 states, including Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Hawaii and Arizona, on Jan. 18 and in California on Feb. 1 and will cost about 50 cents more than the Venti size.

By Justin Thompson

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    I have yet to see anyone who has commented/report on this mention the ice factor. In defense of those wanting larger drinks, I’m sure most of them don’t ask for “light ice” like I do. I don’t like warm drinks so I always get iced drinks at the Bux when I order there.

    Go ahead, ask for a venti drink and pour it into another container to actually measure how much liquid you got and how much ice you got.

    I’ve done it half a dozen times and each time I get around 12 ounces of liquid, sometimes less. Is the Bux ripping us off? Well I’ll let you answer that yourself but most people order cold drinks (whether at the Bux or a fast food joint or wherever) and don’t bother to ask for light ice because they don’t realize how much the ice cheats them (no comment on whether society would be better off or worse off if they “got all they paid for” on sugary cold drinks).

    So you’re paying for a 24 oz drink yet half of it is ice. 12 oz is the size of a soda can so wanting a 31 oz drink (probably closer to 20 oz after ice) isn’t that bad.

    I think the fact that this is rolling out first in the southern US rather than the NW (where SB originated) is more of a story than the size of the drink. The real question is: of all places in the US, does the South need larger volume sugary drink cups?

    Bottom line…just leave everyone alone. If the Bux can sell larger drinks and “the people” want them, let it go. SB isn’t forcing anyone to drink any of their drinks…

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