New ‘Project Runway’ Spinoffs For Charity, Accessories

I feel that the sheen of Project Runway is either wavering or their parent company, the Weinstein Co., is trying to expand the franchise in two directions that sound absolutely less interesting than the original.

The company plans to launch two spinoffs this year: one called Project Runway: Masters, in which professional designers compete in fashion challenges to earn money for their favorite charities. Another is titled Project Runway: Accessories, where designers create new clothing accessories each week. No word on Heidi Klum’s involvement in either. The model was spotted at friend Elen Rives’ birthday party yesterday in London.


How many accessories can they really make though? I hope there is a parasol challenge. And I’m not sure who they are kidding when they say they are getting professional designers to compete – that’s like saying you’ll get a big name celebrity and it’s Jackee. Need I say more?

Will you watch these things?