New Halloween Trend? Reverse Trick-Or-Treating! [VIDEO]

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This is a Halloween trend I could get used to! Instead of going door-to-door and expecting sweets, these people decided to go to other’s houses (and other places) to give them candy. It’s like trick-or-treating on the go!

Reactions of people of trains and outdoors make me laugh. Honestly, if someone put  a door in front of me and had me knock on it, I’d be just a little puzzled. It’s surprising no one asked if they were being Punk’d!

Calling Ashton Kutcher!

What would you do if you witnessed this or were the one they approached? Taking candy from strangers like that is a little worrying…until you remember that’s the whole concept of the holiday in general.

What are your thoughts on the possible new trend? Love it or hate it? Check out the video above and then let us know in the comments below!