‘New Girl’s’ Max Greenfield Enjoys Maui With His Daughter, Unfortunately He Has His Shirt On

Max strips down...
in an orange speedo for 'New Girl'.
Well isn’t this the most adorable sight to see!

As disappointed as we all are that he isn’t shirtless, Max Greenfield and his daughter are just the cutest!

The New Girl actor enjoyed the beach with his daughter Lilly yesterday. Max was all smiles, while his daughter seemed to be having the time of her life goofing around in the water! The adorable twosome even shared a kiss!

The 33-year-old is vacationing in Maui for the holidays and tweeted out how grateful he is! He tweeted:

Haha, what a kidder! No sign of Max’s wife Tess, but I’m sure they’re all very much enjoying their holiday vacay!

Launch the gallery to check out photos of Max and his daughter enjoying the ocean the way everyone should!