New Details Emerge About Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt’s Split

August 8th, 2011 // 10 Comments

Not quite sure if producer Arnon Milchan (Fight Club, L.A. Confidential, Mrs. & Mrs. Smith) doesn’t want to be friends with Brad Pitt anymore, but feeding the public new details about the star’s divorce from Jennifer Aniston is a super way to sever ties.

In his new book, Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon, Milchan rehashed the dramatic split, writing that Aniston threw Pitt out of their Beverly Hills home once he confessed to her that he was sleeping/in love with Jolie. “At first, Jen didn’t believe he was involved with Angelina. She started asking around but no one would tell her anything because they were loyal to Brad, so she asked him point blank. He denied it.”  It wasn’t until their New Year’s vacation with Courtney Cox and David Arquette did Pitt break down and admit that he was seeing Jolie.  The two split in January of 2005 and Aniston filed for divorce that March (after seeing pics of Pitt and Jolie in Kenya).

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What’s more, Pitt pulled out of Smith because he claimed to have no chemistry with Nicole Kidman, who was originally cast at Mrs. Smith.  Once Milchan confirmed to Pitt that they were casting Jolie in the role, Pitt signed on again.  Pitt, apparently, was “already infatuated” with Jolie before filming even began.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. dice

    Got it. Now we can all say that poor little Jenny wasn’t dumped, she was the dumper. Big deal. She still has to buy her boyfriends. Its been 6 years. move on.

  2. Deena

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care about Jen? I hope she’s happy with her new BF cos it’s time she moved on. Brad fell in love with another woman, big deal, happens all the time. Obviously Brad wasn’t happy. Sure, it sucks that he cheated but it’s been 6 years. No one cares anymore.

  3. daniela

    Do you realize that the one telling this information wasn’t Jen…

    • bob

      It’s Jen telling this information and no wonder why she be Nicole Kidman best friend. I don’t think Brad like to look at Nicole ‘s gum every time she laugh. Eww.

  4. truth be told

    No one cares – its been six years.
    he did not love Jen- who cares- he found a woman he truly loved
    jen found someone-
    life goes on…
    another hack trying to earn a fast buck beating a dead horse with an inaccurate story.
    Nicole offerd the role to brad- they planned the movie together – she had to drop out do to scheduling.
    Catherine Zeta jones was offered the role next- Brad was still attached to the project then.
    he dropped out to do Troy but liman came back to him with anohter leading lady -Jolie- he was already wrapping on troy and on Jen. those two weren’t even together for eight months.
    six years and people sstill forget that fact.
    eight months during the filming of troy jen never visited him.- story is marriage was already over and Brad had emotionally detached himself from jen before then.
    so it happens- you fall out of love- not a crime even when you are married.
    especially when you marry after having a crushing blow from a breakup with Gwenyth Paltrow.
    no kids- no attachment- he moved on.
    jen has moved on- we were really tired of the whining though.
    she couldn’t have been that hurt if she slept with Vince during the filming f the break up

  5. guest

    Guess, Brad likes seductress more than classic beauty. Jen was also busy filming at the time so can’t go visit. Author better be careful, he might get sued as previously happened.

  6. laughing

    brangelinas still hating on jen like she is writing the book! the one thing that for sure has come out now is that jen took the high road when she said ” it was not anyone fault – no bad guys” keeping brad is good boy image. lol! nope, brangelina wouldn’t dare think that deep! jen only opened her mouth when angelina said they feel in love on mr and mrs smith after angelina said in a press conference that she would never be with a married man. yet, it is strange to me why angelina fans are not upset with her lies and still want to the the WIFE at the time – not a girlfriend but a wife! anyone it has been how many years – and still see a comment about jen whining NEVER! that is what helps brangelina’s fans able to justify their meanness and hateful comments/actions! yep, if i found out my husband had been sleeping with another woman and lying to me for months and i kicked him out – for sure i would sleep with my hot co-star! don’t know that she did at the time but if she did – good for her!

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