New Details & Bruised Up Shia LaBeouf Photos Emerge From His Vancouver Bar Brawl

So many stories about why Shia LeBeouf got into a bar brawl are swirling around, with different witnesses giving their own account.  Shea Carter, the man who restrained Labeouf post-fight, told TMZ that the actor threatened to pull a knife on him after the other dude beat up Labeouf.  When Carter tried to prevent a very drunk LaBeouf from going back inside, LeBeouf said, “Well what if I grabbed my knife on you?”

The Chicago Sun Times reports that friends want LeBeouf to attend anger management counseling.  Duh.  “These things can happen when Shia’s been drinking. He can turn nasty so fast. … He’s like Sean Penn. One moment he can be totally charming, and then he’ll lose it and go off on someone — especially when it’s a nut in a bar who is looking for a fight,” a source said.

PHOTOS: Pre-Fight, Shia LeBeouf Takes A Bike Ride

Labeouf, still visibly banged up, went out for a 2-hour bike ride in Stanley Park and the Seawall in downtown Vancouver Tuesday (October 18th).