New Daddy Chris Hemsworth Looking Tired, But He Still Mangages To Flash A Smile [PHOTOS]

Snow White and the Huntsman star Chris Hemsworth was spotted outside Live with Kelly today (May 31, 2012) in New York City.

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His daughter India, who made an appearance in London earlier this week, is just three weeks old. You could see traces of bag under Chris’ eyes as he arrived at the studio, but flashed his pearly whites for his fans.

Hemsworth talked with Time magazine recently about his training for SWATH. He revealed, “I wanted to lose weight and get rid of the bulk from Thor, so there was a lot of running, training and eating less. I stripped the weight pretty fast. Obviously there were some Samurai techniques with broadswords and technical movements. I was working together a few different styles at the same time.”

As for the difference of filming a movie about a fairytale and a superhero, Chris said… 

“Both are fantastical realities and vivid sorts of worlds. A fairytale is a lot more grounded in reality. There are obviously mythical elements, but most of it is far more human to me than Thor. You are playing a demigod, how do you make that relatable? The Huntsman is a flawed human being, a very true character who was very tortured and pained. There are some very heartfelt periods in his life, so you can be far more open than you would when playing a superhero.”

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