New Dad Jason Sudeikis Has Definitely Got The Fatherly Glow

Jason & Olivia
Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde get kissy courtside
In case you somehow missed the news today, Jason Sudeikis is a daddy!

The former Saturday Night Live star and his fiancee Olivia Wilde welcomed their little bundle of joy yesterday in one of the most charming birth announcements I’ve ever seen. Now, young Otis did arrive a little early–remember Olivia’s “May the fourth be with you”?–so daddy Jason was already back at work today.

But clearly with a certain fatherly glow to him. 

I’m not gonna lie, he’s looking pretty hot on set. I’m assuming it’s a mix of the beard and the dad-ness. I am officially putting him on the list of my favorite DILFs. Jason is currently working on the movie Tumbledown in Boston, but I’m sure he’ll take a few days off to hang out with the baby.

I wonder if we’ll be able to tell what’s pre-baby Jason and what’s post-baby when the movie comes out. That’ll be my game. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Mr. Sudeikis on set. He’s pretty sessy indeed.