New Beyonce H&M Commercial Features New Song ‘Standing on the Sun’

April 25th, 2013 // 1 Comment
Beyonce H&M
Sing it Bey!

Killing two birds with one stone I guess.

Beyonce has given us a taste of her new track “Standing on the Sun” in a new video for clothing brand H&M.

The video sees the 31-year-old star modeling a series of bikinis from the brand’s 2013 summer collection on a beach in the Bahamas accompanied by the song, which starts with a low key calypso-style beat. 

In the one and a half minute preview of the track, Beyonce sings: ”I can’t deny your desire, feel like I’m on fire / When you touch me, I feel the flame they can never feel. Can you feel the heat on my skin / Can you feel my loving / You and me, we’re standing on the sun.”

In the clip Beyonce is seen writhing around on the beach and in the sea, then surrounded by fire-breathing dancers and sitting in a wicker chair.

Wicker has never been sexier. Watch the new video above.

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By Michael Prieve

  1. TZivanovic

    I won’t be shopping at H&M any longer! Thanks for the skank heads-up!

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