New ‘Arrested Development’ Info, Michael J. Fox Comedy, & HBO Show With ‘Bridesmaids’ Chris O’Dowd

Hello Tv-holics, boy do I have a mouthful for you today.

First off, Mad Men’s John Slattery is joining the Arrested Development cast, TV Line reports. He is joining the Bluth family in multiple episodes of the upcoming “Netflix resurrection”. In an interview with MTV, creator Ron Howard had this to say about the new season:

“Mitch isn’t trying to recreate something. It’s been away for a while, and part of the fun that Mitch has been mining and exploiting is, what’s new to discover about these people? What’s delightfully unchanged? He and the writing staff and the actors have a fantastic sense of that. They’re pretty brazen, pretty bold and fearless. That’s what made the show into something that fans really kept alive.”

In other TV news, Michael J. Fox is working on a “single camera comedy”, says RollingStone. Apparently it is inspired by Fox’s real life. Personally, I’m happy that this beloved man is returning. He was in need of a come back.

Finally Bridesmaids Chris O’ Dowd is returning to a HBO series but not as Jessa’s boo from Girls but instead is staring in a new series titled Family Tree. Christopher Guest is receiving eight half-hour episodes from HBO. Meaning a guarantee four hours with O’ Dowd and Jim Piddock. But actually, this is a dream come true. The plot is the following reported by IndieWire,

“O’Dowd will play a drifting 30-year-old who decides to explores his family roots after receiving a mysterious collection of belongings from a great-aunt he’s never met.”

The show was compared to Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is already a promising start.