Nevermind, Charlie Sheen Is Still A Drunk, Naked Fool

We’d like to rescind our story from yesterday, especially the part where we believed that Charlie Sheen had actually gotten his life together, sobered up and stopped doing insane things like destroying hotel rooms. We are terribly sorry to say that we were SO wrong in that belief.

Two months after getting out of rehab, cops were called to The Plaza Hotel - on the same day he was photographed with ex-wife Denise Richards and their two daughters –  after a drunk and naked Sheen, in the company of a call girl, trashed his suite early today after learning he’d lost his wallet and cellphone, authorities said.

According to Life & Style magazine, the damages totaled about $7,000. Sheen was taken to the hospital and accompanied by Richards once police arrived on the scene and reportedly gave him the option of going to the clink or the hospital.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, or get an old dog to stop doing blow with escorts in his hotel room apparently.