Netflix Original ‘Arrested Development’ Hoping To Continue To Fifth Season

Arrested Development Set
The stars film the new season of the tv show.
Earth to Arrested Development fans: keep on the look out for the possibility of a fifth season.

Wired reported earlier today that Netflix is interested in continuing the success of the hit comedy with a fifth season.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings responded to a preview for the new season on CNBC saying that “we were just thrilled with the response. Its been huge, just as we had hoped.”

When asked about ratings, Hastings responded saying that “Netflix is about being able to watch when you want, not having to watch at a certain time like linear TV is. So we’re really not focused on the Day One ratings, it’s really over the first year.”

If Netflix ends up formally continuing the show, it will be the first official renewal for the popular sites original programming.

Arrested Development follows the Bluth’s; a wealthy yet dysfunctional (shocker) O.C family through their up’s and down’s. The show hosts stars such as: Jason Bateman, Portia deRossi, Will Arnet, Michael Cera, and Alia Shawkat.