Nene Leakes Somehow Has Anderson Cooper’s Cell Phone Number [VIDEO]

Now that he’ll be a real live daytime talk show host,  Anderson Cooper is really turning on the charm.  Guess what?  We don’t hate it.  He’s a little bit of Andy Cohen mixed with a stern newsreader.  Hooray!

At the entertainment marketing PromaxBDA Conference in New York City yesterday, Cooper confessed that he’s a huge reality tv fan.  Hoarders, Cheaters, The Real Housewives…you name the smutty show, Cooper’s probably a fan.  He told The Early Show’s co-anchor Erica Hill, “For  years, in news, I’ve been ashamed to admit that I watch The [Real] Housewives.  Or at least I haven’t really talked about it.  But now that I’m in daytime TV I can fully reveal how much I like the Housewives.”

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True story: Cooper revealed that The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Nene Leakes accidentally drunk-dialed the Anderson 360 host during a commercial break.  Leakes was in a limo somewhere, drunk as a skunk and singing “Tardy For The Party,” before Kim Zolciak even recorded the putrid track.  Classic Nene.

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