Neil Patrick Harris Steals Everyone’s Dreams On ‘Glee’

If you thought your expectations of Glee had been met before, you’ve been living in oblivion up until now. With the scene-stealing presence of Neil Patrick Harris and the inevitable reveal of Rachel’s birth mother, last night’s episode was epic.

It almost made me forget all the silly gossip circulating around Lea Michele and hooking up with Mr. Shuester. But if you’ve seen Matthew Morrison’s Vogue spread recently, you can’t blame a girl for trying…

So here’s what happened last night:

1. NPH guest-starred as Mr. Shuester’s former high school rival, Bryan Ryan, who was hired by Sue to cut Glee funding and cancel the group. This of course led to a hilarious flash-back with mullets and braces courtesy of 1988. Unfortunately, this flashback DID NOT include a re-enacted “Physical” music video where Mr. Shue dances around shirtless or in 80’s workout gear. (Only in my dreams). Instead him and NPH team up to cover Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” which left my jaw on the floor.

Gay. Straight. Who even cares? These boys really know how to put out the vibe in their leather jackets and plunging v-neck t-shirts…Jaw. Still. On. Ground.
2. Artie and Tina finally got the screen time they deserved after Artie’s dream of becoming a dancer pushes Tina to research health advances and urges him to fight for one day living a life apart from his wheelchair. And can we talk about what an amazing dancer Kevin McHale really is? Who knew a white boy with thick-rimmed glasses could shut it down like that?

3. The twist we all saw coming…Shelby (played by Idina Menzel) is actually Rachel’s birth mom. The nose, the voice, the forehead. Hello! So obvious that the writers would incorporate these two as a long-lost mother/daughter pair. The pinnacle of my emotion was watching them belt out “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables. It was just like the Susan Boyle edition but with better hair and tighter clothes.

4. Best line of the night: “Then something amazing happened. I met Jesus…He was my Honduran social worker.” — Bryan Ryan

5. Next week’s focus: LADY GAGA and Kiss! Go ahead and cancel all possible plans for Tuesday because you won’t wanna miss this one.

And that’s what you missed on Glee.

Now check out Neil Patrick Harris talking about his Glee debut after the jump.