Neil Patrick Harris, Coco, Lady Gaga & More [Celebrity Twitterverse]

Spencer Pratt’s twitter is taken over by Snooki’s ex–fame whores are all friends. Neil Patrick Harris is intimidated by “aged wieners.” Pink’s tour bus almost crashes. Rick Fox considers coaching. More pictures and tweets in the gallery.

Plus videos from Ice-T & Coco, Lenny Kravitz and Justin Timberlake.

Ice T and Coco talk with some paparazziAfter the Paparazzi=Stalkers noticed I was taking their pics they came over to talk.. Not bad people but.. Come on son!

Lenny Kravitz performs with a choir near Jackson Square in New Orleans.In case you missed this, when I unexpectedly joined the VOP Choir in NOLA the other day.

Justin Timbelake’s shares the new Social Network trailer.Woot! Check out The Social Network film trailer.