Neil Patrick Harris On Being Gay

April 25th, 2008 // 16 Comments

Doogie Howser is my homeboy. How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris went on Howard Stern and talked about everything. And I mean everything. Apparently, he’s known he liked boys since he was 13, is a switch hitter (meaning he tops and bottoms), doesn’t believe in open relationships (boring!), and thinks Perez Hilton is a complete douche for spending so much time on trying to out him last year. Ok, he didn’t say “complete douche” but it’s Perez Hilton, douchery is implied.

Harris was on Stern’s Sirius radio show and told Howard that he knew he was definitely gay when he wasn’t into Ben Stiller’s wife Christine Taylor’s body. He was dating her when he was a teenager.

“She’s like the coolest, nicest chick ever. She’s an absolute catch, and I thought if I’m not going to feel the super sparks with her, than it probably means that I’m gay,” he said. Harris told Stern that he’d been with between 12-15 women before he was definite on the queer. You tell Stern EVERYTHING. I’m surprised there’s not a rectal exam.

Stern asked Harris if he’d ever confronted Perez Hilton for outing him, and Harris was kinda/sorta not willing to answer it. I hope this queen got evil and sent him a Jenny Craig package or something.

“Well it’s a tricky subject because people decide they want to be out in the open whether in a public forum or in their family at their own time. But Perez is from a generation that feels like (being out) is a non-issue. It’s offensive to him when people don’t declare that, because in his world, it’s always been a part of who he is,” he said.

Doogie also told Howard that he’s “versatile.” Harris has been in a relationship with actor David Burtka for four years, and apparently they like to switch it up. For my straight readers, that means you take and receive, depending on mood and hemorrhoid status. Ok, I didn’t just say that. Alright, I totally did but I’m back in Boston and I think I have that jet lag thing and I couldn’t sleep well last night and it might be affecting my tact.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

More photos of Neil and David at the airport after the jump.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    This guy is very cute. I like his dress sense.

    That Perez Hilton guy should be put down. What a dog. He’s offensive, ugly and obnoxious and a load more. This ‘outing’thing he does is a shocking violation of anyone’s privacy. He should just f@ck off back up his own arse, and let people live their lives as they see fit. Like this guy said, maybe it’s not the right for family or professional reasons.

  2. Doogie Rocks

    Sounds like a great interview, sorry I missed it. Howard gets people to say *everything*.

    Perez is a douche.

  3. You crack me up J. Harvey. Thanks for listening to Stern so that I don’t have to.

  4. Leanne H. Potter

    I love how perez thinks he’s doing such a great public service by outting people. He really thinks he’s the Great Queer Crusader of the day. Douche, indeed.

  5. spaz

    stern always does great interviews. it’s the main reason I listen to his show.

    never used to have an opinion one way or the other about Neil Patrick, but after seeing the first Harold and Kumar movie, I love this guy! He did the whole “making fun of himself” thing SO well.

    I’m glad he was able to get himself a career beyond Doogie Howser.

  6. Holy Geez

    Wow. Low on tact, for sure. Funny though. You introduce your straight readers into a whole new world…

  7. peachpie

    lol… you may have sent Holy Geez into cybershock with that post, Mr. Harvey! breathe, Holy Geez, just breathe… it’s ok. you learn something new every single day — and this day’s no exception!

    love the doog. he and snoop should hook up. doog and dogg. it’s friday. i’m sure you understand.

  8. Stickler

    Harris answered the question about Perez Hilton well. I think he believes it to a certain extent…but I bet he wants Perez to have a house dropped on his head.

  9. DruNken LauRen

    j. my man, thanks for giving me a visual i didn’t care to see….

    i really never thought about if a gay guy took or gave,,, totally not my business.

    but anywho, you learn something everyday w/you j…. and that is why i heart you!!!!!!

  10. Ouch

    Dude!!! That really was too much information, LMAO! You guys have it bad, hemerrhoid sucks! I had to have surgery for it and it was PAINful!

    Neil Patrick Harris is awesome. He is in my TiVo list and in all of the interviews he is just so funny and cool and HOT. I don’t care if he is a gay, a girl can dream right? :-)

  11. S_M_G

    Perez is lower than the homophobes in my eyes. And I get really annoyed at celebs that try to suck up to him by saying they like his site etc.

    Argh, I hate him…

  12. tom

    when is stern going to finally come out of the closet..this guy is as gay as can be

  13. <3 NPH & db FoReveR <3

    never listened to Howard Stern before, but NPH sure did a tell-all interview! i loves when when the celebs go all out like this, especially the mo’s!! and the one line in there, “…depending on mood or hemerrhoid status…” absolutely killed me…..

  14. emily

    Evan as a “straight reader,” I know that the words “take” and “receive” mean the same thing in this context. I believe the euphemisms you meant to use were “give” and “receive.”

  15. myranda

    neil i love your show how i met your mother especially the one where you said “sun of a Biiitttccchhh!!!!!! funny stuff!!!! keep it up!!!!

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