Neil Patrick Harris Some Very Smart Relationship Advice For The World, So Listen Up!

Sabba Rahbar | August 12, 2014 - 1:30 pm

Neil and David
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka share their love story.
Yes, Neil Patrick Harris does look very good in his photoshoot for the September issue of Glamour Magazine.

But this isn’t about how he looks (although I do love the floral suit). This is about what he told the magazine, which is so beautiful I feel like I can’t even break it up, so I will present it in full.

When asked about how he keeps his relationship with David Burtka going so strongly and beautifully, Neil had this to say. 

“Honeymoon phases end. They just do. We’re animals, and animals aren’t inclined to copulate with just each other for the rest of their lives. So here’s a challenge: How do you keep redefining your relationship? I think you have to find new elements that turn you on, and not only sexually. Having kids was one of those great moments for me. Watching David become another level of person, mastering this other domain, made me look at him with a whole other set of appreciative eyes. That sort of made me re-fall in love with him. That’s another important thing to realize. Everyone falls out of love with everything. You fall out of love with your house. You fall out of love with your job. You just have to figure out ways to keep [the love] alive.”

Did you get all of that? Because it is perfect. And the sentiment is lovely. People do grow apart, love sometimes does fade, so you have to figure out the way to keep it going. Life probably won’t do it for you.

So while this was my favorite thing he said, I also loved what he had to say about his twins, Gideon and Harper. He’s all about letting them be who they want.

“When Harper was one or two years old and barely talking, she would put on Disney princess outfits (which she still does, by the way). Everyone would coo and take pictures. Gideon felt left out, so he put on a dress too. We all cooed and aww-ed and there was no weirdness. But after about four minutes, you could see it: He just didn’t like it. It was too girly, too frilly, and he just took it off, like, Nah, this is not my thing. Lately he’s been wearing construction vests and hard hats, and he asks construction people if he can work with them. He couldn’t be happier.”

This is me clapping for NPH. Check out what else he had to say on movies, masculinity and walking in heels over at Glamour. You can read Neil’s full interview in their September issue. So do you agree with him? About the whole love thing? Sound off in the comments and leave us your own advice, too!