Neil Patrick Harris Poses Naked For ‘Rolling Stone’, Talks Sex, & Reveals How Coming Out Benefited His Career

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Neil Patrick Harris has been adding a whole new level of sexy into his life and I’ve never been more thankful.

He recently showed off the snake in his pants for Vanity Fair.

Like any good sex symbol, he took a few moments to talk to Rolling Stone about the joys (or lack thereof) of awkward sex.

On the matter, NPH explained, “No one likes an awkward lay. You way to lay someone who wants to lay you; you want to say who you like and get to lay that person. That’s good sex.” Delving even deeper, he added that you don’t want to have sex with someone you don’t like or don’t want. “You might as well beat off,” he added.

Now, I know you’re dying to see the whole cover. Please enjoy!

As of late, coming out stories from various male celebrities, such as Matt Bomer and Robbie Rogers have been inspiring people everywhere. Bomer didn’t realize his coming out would be such a big deal, and Rogers says he did it in a “selfish” manner.

On his choice to come out and how it affected his career, he said, “Once all the cards were on the table, I got more opportunities than ever.” Many closeted people are guarded and don’t get hired often because “you can’t look into their soul.”

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