Neil Patrick Harris Plays Referee On ‘The Talk’ [PHOTOS]

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless
With the twins on Elton John's yacht!
How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris joined the women on The Talk as a guest host earlier today (January 29, 2013) as they continue to broadcast from New Orleans during Super Bowl week.

Harris could be seen donning a referee’s whistle as he plays a game with the hosts of The Talk.

Speaking of How I Met Your Mother, finally, we may find out how Ted met his kids’ mother. The CBS comedy has been confirmed by its makers that it will return for a 9th season, but that its season will be the last. 

“Through eight years, How I Met Your Mother has mastered the art of leading-edge comedy, emotional water-cooler moments and pop culture catch phrases,” CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler said in a statement. “We are excited for Carter [Bays], Craig [Thomas] and [executive producer] Pam Fryman and this amazing cast and to tell the final chapter and reveal television’s most mysterious mother to some of TV’s most passionate fans.”

As for plans for the final season? Bays has said: “Not to steal their idea, but I loved the ‘Seinfeld’ finale where you saw everyone that’s ever been on the show. We have a way to do it that sort of fits in with the universe of our show.”

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