Neil Patrick Harris Unveils New M&M, Even Sweeter In Real Life

Best Couple Ever
Harris and Burtka are totally the hottest dads ever-- admit it!
So okay, I’m basically a huge Neil Patrick Harris fangirl. He’s ridiculously talented and well-spoken; plus, he and David Burtka totally win most awesome couple (and fathers!) for life for me. So Harris being one of the nicest guys ever is just the icing on the cake. Naturally!

Last Monday, Harris unveiled the new M&M, “Ms. Brown,” at The Grove in Los Angeles and he was appropriately excited. “Who in their lifetime gets that kind of ask?” Harris said. “It’s like the greatest job ever, so I said yes.”

Besides preparing his career in the direction of more kid-friendly projects (for his kids, of course; aww!!), Harris had a few things to say about his hit show, How I Met Your Mother. A blonde vixen in the form of Becki Newton will be introduced, which distracts Barney from his pining over Robin. Harris is on board with this direction, saying, “I’m excited that there’s someone he can work his sexual magic on.”

Ooooh, this ought to be good.