Neil Patrick Harris Hits Barney’s, Talks About Dirty “Puppet Dreams” [PHOTOS]

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless
With the twins on Elton John's yacht!
Ready for it? Barney’s shopping at Barney’s! I’m sorry, I just had to make that joke.

Everyone’s favorite on-screen womanizer Neil Patrick Harris was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday spending some dough at Barney’s New York. The How I Met Your Mother star looked pretty adorable in dark jeans, a white shirt and a snazzy scarf. Neil! Aren’t you cold? It was freezing in LA yesterday!

Neil has had quite a busy few weeks, what with joining the Obamas light up their Christmas tree and debuting his brand new webseries. You know the best thing about Neil’s webseries? Watching Neil Patrick Harris get felt up by puppets. 

Seriously, is there anything more awesome? And if you think the webseries has filled its dirty episode quota, you are totally wrong. When talking about the latest episode Neil told reporters, “No, there’s a dirtier one for sure. There’s a couple dirtier ones, actually.” I’m thinking they’ll probably be some Avenue Q-style naughtiness coming our way pretty soon.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Neil being adorable at Barney’s. What do you think he bought? It’s a small bag so maybe a shirt? A scarf? A thousand diamond stud earrings to give to his fans? I’m thinking the latter is the best, don’t you? Are you guys enjoying Neil’s Puppet Dreams? Let us know in the comments!