Neil Patrick Harris Flaunts His Gorgeous Smile In NYC, Is Very Excited About The Tony Awards

We Love NPH!
Here are some reasons why you're going to love him more.
Neil Patrick Harris usually decides to conceal his pearly whites when he’s out and about.

Today, thankfully, he decided to gift us with the beauty that is his smile.

What is it that could be causing the actor to be so elated?

Perhaps the success and rave reviews of Hedwig and the Angry Inch have caused him to feel more excited than usual. With all the hard work her put into the production, it’s only fitting that he receive some sort of recognition and rewards.

His recent Tony Award nomination certainly put some pep in his step. Incredibly excited about the honor, he took to Twitter to share his joy with his fans.


We know how Harris’ children feel about the costume he wears on Broadway, now I’m wondering how they feel about their father’s recent nomination.

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