Neil Patrick Harris Denies Using The N-Word During Tony Awards Opening Number

Michael Prieve | June 11, 2013 - 1:30 pm

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless
With the twins on Elton John's yacht!
First of all, I can’t believe that this controversy happened in the first place. Second, we have TMZ and The Daily Mail to blame.

Neil Patrick Harris was infuriated over accusations that he said the N-word when Mike Tyson appeared on stage during the Tony Awards opening (which you can watch below).

Check out Neil’s Twitter response to the controversy… 


Neil’s representative also issued an exclusive statement to the Huffington Post regarding his much talked about performance:

Neil unequivocally did not use derogatory language in the opening number of the Tony Awards, and for any outlet to indicate otherwise is completely irresponsible and utterly disrespectful. We are all so disheartened by the careless reporting, especially following such an incredible show and celebration for the hard-working, dedicated people in the Broadway community.

The Daily Mail Online article has since been removed. Idiots.

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