Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Have The Perfect Family

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless
With the twins on Elton John's yacht!
I just can’t with Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. I can’t. They are just too perfect.

The couple and their adorable twins, Harper and Gideon, were spotted being perfect yesterday (August 1) as they were spotted leaving LAX. Where are you guys going? Is Neil already starting work on Hedwig & The Angry Inch?

Also, can we take a moment and talk about how precious Neil and David are with their kids? There are some seriously cute photos of the parents getting kisses from their little ones in the gallery. 

Hey David, what happened to your head? Is that why you’re wearing the hat? Don’t worry, Harper is right there to make everything better. There are many families in Hollywood that I love, but none as much as the Harris/Burtka clan.

Launch the gallery to check out all the lovely family photos. Can you think of a Hollywood family more perfect than them? Let us know in the comments!