Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Join Zachary Quinto On The Red Carpet At TrevorLIVE NY 2014

We Love NPH!
Here are some reasons why you're going to love him more.
Hot men on the red carpet? Why yes please!

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka and Zachary Quinto were all looking very handsome for a good cause last night at the Trevor Project’s 2014 ‘TrevorLIVE NY’ event.

Neil looked less malnourished than he did at the Tony Awards. And while I’m assuming his nails are painted, he kept them in his pocket. I like that both he and David when for the tieless look. Zachary, on the other hand, not only wore a tie, but also his glasses. 

I really love when he wears them. Not that he’s not attractive without them, but his whole face looks amazing with them.

Now back to the good cause they were out celebrating. Neil was clearly very pleased with last night’s event, Tweeting:

I agree with Neil, that you should learn more and/or support. It’s nice when there are people who actually care in the world–especially when they’re celebrities that I greatly admire.

Launch the gallery to check out photos from last night. Now to get back to the superficial for a section: best dressed? I’ve gotta go with Zachary. Tell us yours in the comments!