Needing A Mary-Kate Olsen Day?

Feeling like you just want to put on a giant frock and hide behind stylish shades? Do it. Have a ‘Mary-Kate’ kind of day.

As you can see, ‘hippy’ is the word du jour when it comes to Mary-Kate Olsen. But here’s what you should take note of: her eyeglasses are Vogue Eyewear. What does that mean? It means that even if she bought the rest of her stuff at Salvation Army, one piece needs to be couture.

And realize that since the face is the part of your body/outfit that people will be looking at most, your eyewear is the integral part of your ‘shock and awe’ clothing campaign.

Check out Vogue Eyewear collection to find a pair for your Mary-Kate day! Watch the Closet Raid video after the jump.