NBC Will Try Not To Eff Up This Fall

NBC had their Upfront presentation at The Hilton Hotel in New York today (May 17) and they tried to sell advertisers on new shows and remind them that 30 Rock is funny. Alec Baldwin gave a speech filled with dirty jokes and Jimmy Fallon sang for advertisers on his guitar and after the entertainment they presented the shows.

Among the new shows is Jerry Bruckheimer’s Chase about a U.S. Marshal hunting down fugitives, Law & Order: LA will hit the scene, J.J. Abrams brings a new series Undercovers about a husband and wife who go to back to work for the CIA and partake in something called sexpionage, and Jimmy Smits is a slutty Supreme Court justice in Outlaw.

Jeff Gaspin, chairman of NBC Universal Entertainment, said in a conference call that the schedule “builds on the progress we’ve made since the Olympics. One thing we learned this year is if you’re going to compete at 10 o’clock, you’re going to have to put on your very best content.”

So it sounds like they learned their lesson. Sex and legal shows sell better than bad drama.

Click through the gallery to see the new and some old popular faces you will see on NBC (for at least one episode).