NBC Goes Pink for Sunday Night Football

No NBC is not making the players of the NFL wear pink on Sunday night, but rather represent the opening theme to the networks new football spectacular! NBC has picked Grammy award winner Pink to be the voice that will represent Sunday Night Football. The singer has constructed the opening theme for this year’s NFL Sunday Night Football that will be broadcast on NBC this year as opposed to its former home ESPN.

NBC chose to go with Pink because of her cross over appeal and her marvelous talent.

Pink has created “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,” set to Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You,” with new lyrics, NBC said Wednesday. Fred Gaudelli, who will produce the Sunday night broadcasts for NBC said in a statement Wednesday- “A football fan knows the anticipation of waiting all day for the big game. When you hear this song on Sunday nights, you’ll know the big game is about to kick off,”

Well I don’t know many guys that like the song “Hate Myself for Loving You.” Some guys may be Pink fans, but probably not a whole lot of them. Overall I see this as a bad move. Why not play some AC/DC? Most guys want a song that will pump them up, not a song that will remind them of a woman scorned by a lover.

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Written by Christy Pastore

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