NBC Wants You To Join Their ‘Brotherhood Of Man’ [VIDEO]

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Baldwin's real-life Avery Jessup, Hilaria Thomas.
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Jessica Simpson spoke during the show's 2012 TCA panell.
Katherine Loves SMASH
Katherine McPhee Attends SMASH Premiere
It’s like Christmas came early this year! NBC got all of their star players together for this magical little video to celebrate the Superbowl on NBC. They took the song “Brotherhood of Man” from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and put their own NBC spin on it. 

Watch the video and tell me it’s not amazing. First of all it starts of with 30 Rock (fabulous) and includes appearances from the casts of The Office (love), Community (omg! it’s my favorite show!), Smash and so many more. It’s like a who’s who of NBC. Check it out and let us know who your favorite NBC star is in the comments. I’m pretty partial to the entire cast of Community. Love it so much.