Naya Rivera Picks Up A Sweet Treat, Talks ‘Glee’ [PHOTOS]

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Bitch-slapping looks fun.

Glee favorite Naya Rivera aka Santanaqueen of “bitch-slappery” makes it look even more fun.

The world shed some tears when Santana and Brittany split. Some still continue to do so. Change is so hard, isn’t it?

“Yeah, they’re still not happy about [the Brittana break up],” Rivera said. “Every now and then I’ll check Twitter and ‘Brittana forever!’ will be trending worldwide. It’s amazing they do that. But yeah, they’re still not happy.” (via Vulture)

According to Vulture, Rivera thinks Santana’s change has been for the best. 

“You know, I haven’t spoken to [the writers] about why, but I felt like it was just the natural choice,” Rivera said. “Brittany is obviously still in high school and Santana has now moved to New York. And they’ve been exploring the long-distance thing with — I’m gonna say it — Klaine, but not for Brittany and Santana. I like that so far.”

Aside from her appearances on this season’s Glee, the star is a busy-bee juggling her acting and her solo album to be released (hopefully) this year. We just can’t wait!

She has also been busy catering to her sweet tooth. Rivera was seen trying to decide on her choice of deliciously sugar-filled treats at Crumbs Bake Shop on March 15, 2013.

Girl, you look so fly with those wingtip shades and black leggings! I also want a cupcake now.