Naughty Helmut Newton Photos Found

What did Helmut Newton do in his down time. Why take pornographic nude photos of course.

The buxom model, an eccentric Manhattan party fixture named Stephanie Parker, approached Radar about printing them in tribute to her departed friend.

Parker first met Newton and his wife June in Newton’s adopted homeland, Monaco, at the 1988 Grand Prix. After years of intermittent contact, Newton called Parker in 1996 from the Sherry-Netherland Hotel in Manhattan. He had a proposal. “I know you’ve always wanted me to photograph you,” he said. “What are you doing tonight?”

Parker hurried over to the hotel. The two of them drank red wine and dined together. Then, at Newton’s suggestion, she changed into some light bondage gear while he clicked awa

Over the next three years the pair did two more private shoots, including one back in Monaco costarring Parker’s friend Dominique and a double-headed dildo. Parker didn’t like those so much.

Oddly, the photos are intermixed with some of Tina Brown.

Helmut Newton: The Lost Photos [Radar Online]

(Image courtesy of Radar)

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