Natural Father of Madonna’s Baby Wants to Say Hey

January 2nd, 2007 // 2 Comments

The father of Madonna’s adopted son David wants to know how he’s doing.

The father of a Malawian boy being adopted by pop diva Madonna wants to ask the American singer how his son is getting on, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

“I don’t have her phone and mailing addresses. All I want is to find out how my son is but I don’t know how I can do it,” Malawi’s Daily Times newspaper quoted Yohane Banda as saying.

The father of 1-year-old David Banda made the comments after the newspaper presented him with a 400 pound ($788) check from a Scottish nun, Christine Webster, who told the paper she believes Banda would have been better off staying in Malawi.

“All I want is to find out how my child is doing and not to have him back,” he was quoted as saying.

Who’s this Scottish nun? Why’s she up in everyone’s business! Damn nuns! Always getting in the way with their money, and opinions and prayer and rulers off the back of your knuckles.

Father of Madonna’s Baby Wants Contact [CNN]


By J. Harvey

  1. Isn’t this why adoption is supposed to be anonymous?

    This one’s gonna run and run. Oh joy.

  2. pelo

    Now what kind of sh*t is this? Where does a nun get that kind of money when she’s supposed to be taking a vow of poverty? And why did she need to specifically give it him as opposed to some other poor Malawian?

    This whole sitch is fishy. I smell a Malawian Baby Scam…

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