National Day of Mourning My Ass

June 10th, 2004 // 14 Comments

I have held my tounge long enough in regards to Reagan’s death. What pushed me over the edge, was when a National Day of Mourning was imposed.

Things Miu will NOT be doing on the National Day of Mourning.

  • Mourning
  • Wear Red (A backhanded acknowledgement to Nancy’s participation in the Reagan legacy.)
  • Watching the News (It’s as if there is nothing else going on in the world right now.)
  • Receiving Mail (Terrorists should attack now since all Federal Agencies are apparently shutting down.)
  • Shunning gays and those who are HIV positive (This is why I utterly despised Reagan. Well that and his foreign policy, his disregard for Civil Rights, I could go on and on.)
  • Eating Jelly Bellys (I think I’ll go with Jell-o shots instead.)
  • Utter Margaret Thatcher’s Name (Not that it ever happens, but I’ll make an extra effort.)
  • Supply Arms to Iraqis (I haven’t ever done that in the first place, but I’ll try and keep my arms supplying to the Columbians.)
  • Update: My bad. Did not realize that it was protocol for the National Day of Mourning. Anyway, I still didn’t mourn for the President. However, I did watch the funeral in California, and it was touching (I”m not heartless people.)

    In addition to the numerous comments that were posted, I recieved a number of emails as well. 70% in agreement, and 30% damning me to hell. It’s politics people. We have differing opinions on the subject. Even if I didn’t agree with your views, I repsect the fact that you had the guts to post your views.

    By Miu von Furstenberg

    1. The thing that really sends me over the edge is all the comparisons this administration has been drawing to that of President Reagan (think: Evil Empire/Axis of Evil..South America anybody?). They are politicizing the entire thing. But then, what else would one expect of this administration?

    2. Proud to be an American Republican

      The photo captions on this photo are disgraceful.

      I read your blog almost every day, but I have to say, you’ve gone over the edge.


    3. okay, though I agree with above blogger that the captions are disrespectful, I see Mui’s point as important since it is obvious to me that some of the sentiments are posed (ie. Ashcroft’s VERY political speech in Reagan’s honor yesterday)…That, and that Reagan has been an icon for the things that many liberals are against. With all due respect, of course..

    4. Miu

      The image originally posted here has been removed. The captions in the photo were intended to show how people think of different things to keep their composure in difficult situations. I apologize to those offended. However, my stance on Reagan has not been swayed.

    5. I am happy someone has spoken up about Reagan. I feel sympathy for his family and friends because of their loss, but he was a horrible president. Honestly, I think if this wasn’t an election year and Bush wasn’t in hot water over well, everything, Reagan’s death would be a minor note, not a huge ploy to pull the heart strings of voters. As for the day of mourning, Ray Charles has passed on, and I will morn his death because I feel he actually contributed his wonderful music to better society.

    6. Thank you – Your headline brightened my day! I have shunned news sources all week, and I am definitely not drinking the water!

    7. Flo

      You must be very young and didn’t pass history class. You have absolutely no respect for what President Reagan did. You are obviously young and ignorant.

    8. George

      Well I do feel that in terms of foreign policy he did a hell of a lot of good. Anybody remember the Iron Curtain!? Its not there anymore. Now granted he did it in a very weird way…by bankrupting them with an arms buildup and their fear of a nonexistant Star Wars program…but it worked. Hell it ALMOST bankrupted us….but it didn’t.

      If only there were politicians that could combine some knowledge of foreign policy with domestic policy. You seem to vote for one or the other, but never both…

    9. flo

      MIU – Perhaps the terrorists need to strike where you are right now. Did you forget 9/11. You say you live in NY. Were you in a cocoon that day. You should know better than to make statements like that.

    10. astralgirl01

      For all of us who are sick of the virtual canonizing of Reagan (aka evil warmongerer and tax junkie), here’s a cartoon that says it all…



    11. This is great. I applaud you, Miu. I wrote something defaming about Reagan in my own blog, and I think I offended some people as well. Although I didn’t mean to.

      These days if you say anything negative about America or Bush or Reagan or Rumsfeld, it is so amazing how vehement people are in responding. You can almost feel the hatred and bitterness dripping off of them.

      I just think it’s important to question everything, and to speak up when you see corruption.

      There’s nothing wrong or unpatriotic or ungrateful or ignorant about that.

    12. astralgirl01

      oh, here’s what I REALLY wanted to post…

      Top Ten Reasons No One Shoud Be Mourning Reagan…
      (from some other blog… I totally forgot the URL)

      10) HELPED CREATE AL QAEDA – Yep, let’s thank Reagan, whose Vice President George Bush was good friends with Bin Laden’s, for helping fund Osama’s Al Qaeda organization in 1987-88. Reagan ordered the CIA to hire Al Qaeda as operatives in Pakistan, as well as arm them and train them.
      9) STAR WARS – Ah, the fun of a multi-billion dollar military progam to see who can build bigger and more lethal weapons.
      8) REAGANOMICS – Ah, trickle down economics. How great that he was able to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Nothing trickled. No one but the top 1% won.
      7) PATTI DAVIS – God bless Ronnie for giving birth to this piece of ass who gave her own father the big middle finger by posing for the cover of Playboy in July 1984.
      6) IGNORE AIDS – Between 1981 and 1987, Reagan undermined researchers trying to find the cause of the disease and a cure. He fought the modest funding requests for scientific research and vetoed monies earmarked by Congress. He wouldn’t even say the word “AIDS” until 1987 when an average of nine Americans had died for every day that he had been in office.
      5) IRAN-CONTRA – Clinton gets a blowjob and gets impeached, Reagan deals arms illegally to Iran and he never gets touched.
      4) THE REAGAN AIRPORT – He has an airport named after him, even though he’s personally responsible for firing all the air traffic controller becuase they asked for more benifits and their first raise in over a decade.
      3) THOSE ONE LINERS – Before a radio address, Reagan did a microphone test where he said, “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.” Isn’t that fucking hysterical.
      2) ROBERT BORK – Reagan wanted Bork, a hardcore christian ultra-conservative who wanted to ban abortion and put religion in schools, on the supreme court. Congress was smart enough to tell the President to fuck off.
      1) THE PSYCHIC CONNECTION – Yep, Nancy and Ron would regularly take advice from Psychic Jeane Dixon. Well, what do you expect from a President who was a B-List actor…….

    13. Tiresias

      As a matter of protocol, ANY President or ex-president gets the National Day of Mourning unless he requests in his will, not to get it.
      This happens regardless of your political views Miu, for each Prez…Carter and Clinton will get one as well…Mostly it just gives Federal workers the day off…

    14. akwan

      While reading some of the comments, it’s almost as if I’m reading transcripts from “Air America”. Wild conspiracy theories and aspersions abound, yet the advantages of Reagan’s controversial policies are, predicably, absent.

      I invite everyone to go a step further and consider the benefits of Reagan’s policies to America in general. A lot of comments made were-predictably-sentiments of the left-wing, annoyed at Reagan’s popularity with the American people. Someone mentioned “Reaganomics”, and how it was beneficial to the top 1% only. Hyperbole, no doubt instilled by many liberals, just itching to defame Reagan. His economic policies were not strictly beneficial to the top 1% only. The middle-class segment, collectlively, was the largest socio-economic class to benefit from “Reaganomics”. “Reagan fired air traffic controllers”. No, the air traffic controllers (federal workers), staged an illegal strike, demanded even more benefits (even though they were already earning significantly more than the national average at that time), refused a smaller, but more than adequate compensation deal with the FAA, and attempted to disrupt the world economy by halting US air-traffic. So Reagan fired them. I still don’t see how Reagan did anything wrong. If anything, we should thank him, for taking action against an illegally staged strike that had the potential to disrupt the world economy.

      And oddly enough, many gays lash out at Reagan for his lack of action regarding AIDS. Yet everyone seems to forget Reagans stance on the Briggs Initiative back in 1978. He stood firm in his belief that the Briggs Initiative was wrong, it was discriminatory, and it had no place in California or America. And these beliefs weren’t private either, his stance was public. During a time where this kind of stand could have significant negative political consequences, Reagan stood firm in his beliefs.

      Yes, he had a lack of action regarding AIDS. I’m not defending him on that. I’m simply dubunking the sentiment that Reagan “had it out for gays and truly hated them.” Though I must pose the question: if Reagan DID fund AIDS research, would we be any closer today to a cure? Would the advances in our knowledge of AIDS be tremendously increased if Reagan had funded AIDS research in the 80s.

      And then there’s the totally irrelavent. Like his daughter posing for Playboy. You seem to minimize the fact that a former US president totally disgraced the US by having illicit sex in the White House, but emphasize the fact that a former prsident’s adult daughter posed for an adult magazine. I have to ask: this had to do with his leadership, policies, and role in the world how?

      And finally, his psychic. So he believed in pyschics? Again, I ask, this relates to his leadership, polices, and role in the world how?

      Maybe it’s time to turn off Al Frankin and start thinking independently.

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