National Day of Mourning My Ass

I have held my tounge long enough in regards to Reagan’s death. What pushed me over the edge, was when a National Day of Mourning was imposed.

Things Miu will NOT be doing on the National Day of Mourning.

  • Mourning
  • Wear Red (A backhanded acknowledgement to Nancy’s participation in the Reagan legacy.)
  • Watching the News (It’s as if there is nothing else going on in the world right now.)
  • Receiving Mail (Terrorists should attack now since all Federal Agencies are apparently shutting down.)
  • Shunning gays and those who are HIV positive (This is why I utterly despised Reagan. Well that and his foreign policy, his disregard for Civil Rights, I could go on and on.)
  • Eating Jelly Bellys (I think I’ll go with Jell-o shots instead.)
  • Utter Margaret Thatcher’s Name (Not that it ever happens, but I’ll make an extra effort.)
  • Supply Arms to Iraqis (I haven’t ever done that in the first place, but I’ll try and keep my arms supplying to the Columbians.)
  • Update: My bad. Did not realize that it was protocol for the National Day of Mourning. Anyway, I still didn’t mourn for the President. However, I did watch the funeral in California, and it was touching (I”m not heartless people.)

    In addition to the numerous comments that were posted, I recieved a number of emails as well. 70% in agreement, and 30% damning me to hell. It’s politics people. We have differing opinions on the subject. Even if I didn’t agree with your views, I repsect the fact that you had the guts to post your views.

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