National Enquirer Posts Photo Of Whitney Houston In Open Casket On Cover

February 22nd, 2012 // 5 Comments
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WTF? This simply makes me nauseous.

National Enquirer editors obtained grainy images of the late superstar taken at the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, New Jersey, where a private wake for close friends and family was held on Friday. You can see the offensive photo here if you have the stomach for it.

The pictures show Houston wearing a purple dress with color-co-ordinated eye shadow and lip gloss, and jewelry worth a reported $500,000. The cover reads: “WHITNEY: THE LAST PHOTO!” Seriously?

Rightfully so, commentors on Twitter are up in arms over this. Here are some of the outraged comments on Twitter:

the national enquirer is SO WRONG for this Whitney Houston casket pic. Disrespectful

National Enquirer shame on you! For putting pictures on your front page of Whitney Houston in her casket

the National Enquirer is Disgusting!!! How DARE you put Whitney Houston in her casket on the cover of the newspaper!!!!!

I honestly wonder how that person can sleep at night after selling a picture of Whitney Houston lying in a coffin to National Enquirer

The National Enquirer makes me sick Whitney Houston in open casket

Do you think a line was crossed? Sound off in the comments below.

By Michael Prieve

  1. K. Miller

    It is so wrong on some many levels to post a picture of Whittneys Houston’s Open Caskets! People need to stop and think before doing something like this. This woman has a living mother and child who are already in enough pain. I hope they get sued! And be made accountable for doing something so cold and just plain wrong!

    • ms tee

      They where invite to be there, so what went wrong. Thats what reporters do, report any kind of news. Her fans was ignore and kicked to the curb, so why get sued. If the family didnt want this to happen they should have not been invited..

  2. rudi

    Same thing happened with Elvis, and a lot of celebrities. it is just so sad that media has come to this.

  3. Britney P.

    Who cares! She did drugs, died, and we are supost to glorify her ? and feel bad about it? why not feel bad for every person that does drugs and die? cause i dont see the papers talking about everyone else what does drugs. if anything her name should not be in the papers she was no different then anyone else.

    • Andria T.

      Britney P. Your response is ignorant. What if youor your love ones turn to drugs? Regardless what Whitney did, you are not in the business to judge. I am beyond sure that you are not perfect.

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