Nate Berkus Premieres New Show Today!

Hallelujah, those occasional appearances on Oprah were not nearly enough to satisfy my weekly Nate Berkus needs!

The show marks the first time an openly gay man has hosted a publicly syndicated talk show. Go Nate! The Nate Berkus Show airs today at 2PM PST on NBC. Nate will do what he does best, decorating, aided by a state-of-the-art studio where 3-D images of rooms can be altered by hand.

“We’re live to tape, we have a studio audience every day,” Nate said, pictured ringing the opening bells at the New York Stock Exchange today. “And every
day is going to be different, we don’t have a set format right now and
I really like being in that place. I really like having the flexibility
to give the stories that I think are important room to breathe and take
the time to really give people fresh information that they can really
apply to making their lives better. That’s really my goal.”

And my goal is for shirtless time to somehow work into every episode. That would definitely make my life better.