Natasha Richardson’s Cause Of Death Determined

A coroner report has determined that it was a “blunt impact to the head” that was the ultimate cause of Natasha Richardson’s untimely accidental death. Richardson’s fall on the ski slope did not immediately appear severe, as the 45-year-old actress seemed to have only come into contact with snow when she stumbled.

It wasn’t until an hour later that Richardson began to complain of headaches and agreed to go to the hospital. Although it still remains unclear how exactly she sustained her blow to the head, it was internal bleeding that killed her.

Whether or not the mystery eventually unravels, there’s no question of the devastation caused to her loved ones left behind. Husband Liam Neeson and mother Vanessa Redgrave quietly made their way back to Neeson’s Manhattan home after leaving Lenox Hill Hospital.

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and Vanessa Redgrave return to his Manhattan residence after leaving Lenox Hill Hospital.