Natasha Richardson Laid To Rest

March 22nd, 2009 // 6 Comments

Family and friends of Natasha Richardson gathered to bid a final farewell to the actress at a private funeral service, following yesterday’s wake. The emotional ceremony took place in up state New York, near where Richardson shared a home with her husband Liam Neeson and their two children.

Neeson put on a show of strength as he comforted his mother-in-law Vanessa Redgrave at Natasha’s grave. Liam, wore dark suit and sunglasses, earlier carried his wife’s coffin as one of the pallbearers before it was taken inside the church.

The widower arrived with his sons Michael Neeson, 13 and Daniel Neeson, 12, and other members of the Richardson family including sister Joely Richardson and niece Daisy Bevan. Some of the celebrities attending the funeral were Holly Hunter, Uma Thurman, Ralph Fiennes and Meryl Streep.

Richardson died in a hospital in New York on Wednesday after suffering a fatal head injury during a skiing accident in Quebec, Canada.

Gallery Info: Liam Neeson, Joely Richardson, Vanessa Redgrave, Holly Hunter, Timothy Dalton; Laura Linney, Jemma Redgrave, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Neeson, Daisy Bevan, Daniel Neeson, Alan Rickman, Carlo Gabriel Nero, Uma Thurman, Arpad Busson and Meryl Streep attending funeral services for Natasha Richardson.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. dollhouse

    Okay..for someone who just lost his wife…he sure hasn’t seemed too saddened. Every picture of him since his wifes death, he’s been waving and smiling it up for the cameras. wtf??

  2. Nicky

    dollhouse, after having my mother die I can tell you people grieve differently. I cried when my mother actually passed on but after that I found that it wasn’t like I cried every second of everyday. At her funeral I cried when they lowed her coffin when it was taken to get cremated and after that once again I stopped crying. I tended to try and think about the happy things about her rather then thinking about her death. Men can also be a little different when it comes to someone dieing. I think my father cried more in private then in public when his friends were around. Everyone deals with it in their own way.

  3. suzanne

    I think Neeson is being incredibly stoic in the face of such tragedy.
    I’m more concerned about wtf Uma Thurman is wearing? She looks like a hobo. Couldn’t she manage ANYTHING black – and the shoes (look at Splash News’s photos) are hideous. She really looks scruffy.

  4. jilly

    how unbelievably invasive! I’d have called some cops the keep the paps away! Jeez give these people some privacy it’s a friggin’ funeral for goddness sake! >:(

  5. Chris

    Maybe he’s showing appreciation for people taking their time to be there.. We don’t really know him personally to judge what and why he’s doing something.

  6. Jjqzkiys

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