Natasha Lyonne’s Alive

Remember Tasha? She had a real bad drug problem, and went homeless after she threatened to bang her neighbor’s dog? She showed up at the premiere for “Grindhouse” ! She didn’t look good but she was in one piece and not performing oral on Dobermans! It’s a start! Welcome back, Nat!

Former actress Natasha Lyonne (“Slums of Beverly Hills”) took time out of her busy schedule and hit an L.A. red carpet dressed in a trashy black goth mini-dress straight off the driveway of the House of Glad’s Spring Cleaning line. Twist ties sold separately!

Lyonne highlighted her destitute-chic ensemble with tights suitable for a good night’s sleep on those cold winter sidewalks, and a pair of black patent leather streetwalker pumps. Need a date?

TMZ wrote all that mean shit. I’m just being honest. It’s nice to see that a drug casualty can still get out there. I’d hire her again. I wouldn’t insure her ass, and I would keep canines away from her – but I’d hire her.