Natasha Lyonne Finally Turns Herself in for The Dog-Molesting Charge. No, You Read That Right.

Remember Natasha Lyonne? She was this sorta promising actress who was in Slums of Beverly Hills and American Pie? And then went mental and did a lot of chemicals and told her neighbor she was going to whack off his dog or something? Well, she turned herself in. This might be my favorite Hollywood wreck story ever. They should film it.

Actress Natasha Lyonne, a star of “American Pie” who was accused of threatening to sexually molest a dog, turned herself in at a New York court Friday.

A bench warrant was issued for her arrest in January after Lyonne, who has also appeared in “Blade,” and “Scary Movie 2,” missed four court hearings.

The 27-year-old faced a number of charges including criminal mischief, harassment and trespassing after accusations she threatened to sexually molest her former neighbor’s dog and ripped a mirror off the wall during a 2004 argument.

In the court complaint, Lyonne’s former roommate claimed Lyonne trashed their apartment and then banged on a neighbor’s door, rushed into that apartment and picked up her dog, telling the woman, “I’m going to sexually molest your dog.”

You don’t get much deeper than when you’re so wound up on tina or whatever this bitch was taking, that you tell your neighbor you’re going to rape their dog. That’s a little terrifying. Dog parks all over Manhattan had her likeness on posters.

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