Natasha Lyonne: Remember Her?

After disappearing in April of this year, actress Natasha Lyonne has resurfaced. But not in a good way. Ms. Lyonne is being treated for hepatitis C, a collapsed lung, and a heart infection. Plus she’s receiving methadone treatments. Holy crap! This is the latest of the troubles that have befallen the young actress.

The 26-year-old actress, who hasn’t been seen publicly since a judge issued a warrant for her arrest in April after she ducked a court hearing, is reportedly “fighting for her life” and “struggling to survive,” per Access Hollywood. “I’m crying actually. It’s terrible, you know. It’s my little girl,” Lyonne’s father Aaron Braunstein told the syndicated show Friday. “It’s a terrible tragedy, but she’s going to get better. We’re praying for her, and she’s a tough girl.” Braunstein, who told Access Hollywood he visited his daughter last week, says he thinks Lyonne may have picked up the virus while shooting a movie abroad three years ago.

“She’s probably with the wrong crowd,” he said. “The main thing, she picked up the liver thing in Bulgaria during [filming of] The Grey Zone.” She was charged in December with criminal mischief, harassment and trespassing after she purportedly melted down on her New York neighbor, ripping a mirror off the woman’s wall and threatening to sexually molest her dog.

Lyonne had been due in court Apr. 19 to answer the charges but left the courthouse early, prompting Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Abraham Clott to put out an arrest warrant. The Post claims that Lyonne was subsequently evicted from her apartment and wound up living on the streets before turning up in the city’s Bellevue Hospital. Lyonne previously pleaded guilty in 2002 to a DUI charge in Miami. She was sentenced to six months’ probation for the incident, which involved fleeing the scene of a car accident.

Why not blame it all on Tara Reid?

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