Natalie Portman Rocks Out Sweatpants In ‘Thor’

Even thought Thor isn’t hitting film screens until summer of next year, the cast is already talking about possible sequels and their roles. I think it’s too early for that because this character seems less interesting than The Hulk, but God knows they keep redoing that franchise too…

Of course everyone is going to be talking about the title character himself, played by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, but two ladies will also be getting some attention: Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings.

“It was a fun opportunity to get to do this character, because I think she’s an unusual female character for one of these movies,” Portman told MTV News last month at Comic-Con in San Diego. “I’m in sweatpants for half of the movie, so I’m not in some crazy, sexy garb!” Check out the vide after the jump!

Dennings supported her co-star by calling Portman “the most beautiful girl in sweatpants you’ve ever seen,” but Portman maintained her status as a “frazzled, kind of messy scientist.”

Should the film be a success, both actresses are contracted for further installments of the series, but have no idea if they’ll be killed off or have one line.

Dennings suggested of her character that she die in the first scene, a la Scream, to which Portman laughed and rallied behind Dennings to write the sequel!

Check out the pics of Natalie – looking her best by the way – and her boyfriend Benjamin Millepied while doing some shopping in Hollywood!